4-6 oct. 2018 Paris (France)

directions to conference locations


Directions to conference locations


Security checks are carried out at all access points to the various campuses of Sorbonne University. Please show a valid ID (academic card, passport…) to the security staff on duty as well as a print out of the conference programme. Additionally,  you will be asked you to open your bag for quick inspection.


1)    Thursday October 4th


-       Salle des Actes, Sorbonne Université, 54 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 PARIS




-       Métro line 10,  stop: Cluny la Sorbonne

-       Walk into the building at 54 rue Saint-Jacques (security check). Go past the set of flip doors and immediately past them, walk up the few steps on your right to the « centre administratif ». Salle des Actes is about 10m away, on your right hand side.


2)    Friday October 5th


-       Amphithéâtre 25, Sorbonne Université, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 PARIS




-       Métro lines 7 or 10, stop: Jussieu

-       Walk into the campus through the gate marked « entrée » on the map below. Take a left and keep going past cylinders 46 and 36 (grey circles on the map, numbers are clearly visible on their sides). Once you have reached cylinder 26, take a right, walk past restaurant « l’ardoise » and go down the stairs on the left, into the patio. Amphithéâtre 25 is on the right hand side. It is marked A25 (on a pink background) on the map : https://www.sorbonne-universite.fr//sites/default/files/upload/2018-06/plan-campus-PMC.pdf


3)    Saturday October 6th


-       Maison de la Recherche, Amphithéâtre 035, 28 rue Serpente, 75006 Paris




-       Métro line 4, stops Saint-Michel or Odéon; Métro line 10, Odéon


-       Amphithéâtre 035 is on the ground floor.

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